Our Philosophy

Building a Foundation for a Love of Learning

Our lessons in early childhood are based on the belief that a child who experiences something for his or herself is far more empowered than the child who has everything done for him / her.  To facilitate this, children have their own type of "work," otherwise known as play.  The importance of play, despite being the main facet of children's learning, is often underestimated.  Too often are children overburdened with responsibilities of growing up and "learning" in the traditional sense.

 We believe that it truly does take a village to raise a child.  Although one person might have the best of intentions, that same person can find greater advantage in sharing the responsibility with others who also have the best interest of the child in mind.  

Our children, our parents, and all our staff make up our own little family; our own little village.  We are here to work together, as a team who recognizes and embraces the importance of raising children.  It is with this that a child can learn the importance of strength in numbers, appreciate diversity in all its forms, and be exposed to all life has to offer to grow in every way possible, now and throughout life.